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Quick highlight reel of Grace Kotnik Goalkeeper Class of 2019. This game showcases my goalkeeper skills and a variety of action in a must-win game situation. After scouting the other team, my coach chose me to play the entire game because he knew that my timing off the line was critical to our success. This game was an important part of my 308 minutes of play and zero goals against in National Cup 2016.

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2016/2017 CIF San Diego Div III Champs

For the first time ever our High School Team at OLP won the CIF San Diego Section Championship. We faced some worthy opponents during our campaign, but our thankfully our team has too many weapons. Our Final game went into the 35th minute before we scored. Cloe Frese, sophomore goalkeeper from Otay Ranch, kept their team in the game for as long as she could.

Here’s a recap of the Final game from the Union Tribune.

Our CIF Section campaign:

CIF San Diego Section 2017 Girls Soccer Championships GIRLS DIVISION III

2016 Baron’s Cup Champs

My OLP High School team won the 2016 Baron’s Cup and the accomplishment felt different. It is not like the tournament was especially difficult or we beat tough teams on the way to the Finals. The most rewarding part of winning was the fact that we played our first two games with only 11 players and I had to play entire game on the field for both games. Since we had 3 girls playing in a National League in North Carolina and a handful still playing in the California Regional League (CRL), we only had 11 players going into the tournament. Before the first game my coach asked me if I’d be willing to play on the field and I was ready to do whatever was needed to help our team.

Our girls really pulled together as a team and worked hard to keep possession as much as we could. Out of the 4 goals that we scored in the first two games, I got 2 assists and I helped to draw a foul just outside the 18-yard box which Jenna was able to convert into a beautiful unstoppable goal. I don’t usually get to contribute to the “goals for” statistics, but my team needed me. We gained steam in the tournament as our CRL players returned to the games.

Varsity Soccer Year # 2

Version 2
High School soccer tryouts, like any other tryouts, consisted of a week long ride on an emotional rollercoaster. Once again, like last year, I had to get into the groove of balancing academics and the excitement of the new soccer season. After four days of tryouts, which consisted of everything from scrimmages to drills, to shooting (goalkeeping), to sprints, I was extremely nervous on Thursday night. Although I played on the varsity team last year, I knew that my previous experience was not a sure ticket for the position this year. I was excited and extremely nervous leading up to the rosters being posted. When I saw my name on the varsity roster I was ecstatic, overcome with joy and excitement. I am looking forward to putting in the time and effort, working hard, getting positive results, and most of all having fun with my team this season.

SCDSL Playoffs 2016 (Champions)

We had a fantastic run over the last few weekends during the SCDSL 2001 Europa Playoffs. We finished as Champions with a nail biter of a Final. All of the games were super tight and our team had to really step it up to stay focused over the multiple weekends. It always feels go to finish with the Champion medals.
The picture above features the twins on our team: Alexi and Nicole. They are both super smart/tough players and I’m going to miss them both during High School season.

2016 Attack Summer Classic (Champions)

We won the 2016 Attack Summer Classic this past weekend. We played up in the U17 division and we faced some tough opponents. The Cardiff FC Mustangs proved to be super tough in our final bracket game and our Finals match. Both games resulted in 0-0 after regulation time. It was a real battle because the Mustangs played super strategic by stacking their defense. For the Finals, Coach Jose asked me to choose which half I wanted to split with Kasey Harvey and I said, “I’ll take the second half, just in case we go to PKs”. In the 59th minute it was still 0-0 and we got a corner kick. Almost my whole team was inside the other team’s 18 yard box for the last chance to try to score. Since everyone was so high, I decided to move up between our 18 and the circle in case the other team got a breakaway. Luckily I was ready, the ball got cleared and I had to sprint to make a 50/50 tackle past the half line. It was super exciting right as the final whistle blew. After 60 minutes of regulation time we went straight to PKs (as we thought might happen). Our shooters were ultra accurate and we scored 5 of 5 PKs. After guessing the right side twice I was able to stop the 4th Mustangs’ shot, so they didn’t even get to shoot their last PK. It was fun to win the tournament in PKs.

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2016 soccerloco Surf College Cup Showcase

We played Surf Cup this past weekend and we got stuck with some super tough teams from Nevada and Arizona. The out of state teams were ranked 39 and 45 in the entire US. To lose by one goal to each of those teams was a real accomplishment for our team, but we were still bummed. Unfortunately our best free kick specialist went to the hospital after a blatant foul in the first game and I think that threw us all off a little bit. I got a lot of action in front of some college coaches and one of them commented on my aggressive style.

Delta Crossfire College Showcase

Our team decided to play in the Delta Crossfire College Showcase in Redmond, Washington, so I took the opportunity to visit some colleges in the area. Before the tournament began, I went to St. Martin’s University to meet Coach Walker. He shared some really great insight about the recruiting process and the Soccer Program goals at SMU. I was lucky enough to watch his ’99 team play in the Crossfire tournament and I loved his coaching style. I especially liked how his keepers played as an extra field player.

When it came time for my team to play, our team had one too many games where we couldn’t buy a goal. I only got 2 goals scored on me, but that wasn’t enough to advance out of bracket play. We could have won all three games, but we just got unlucky. Before we left the Seattle area, I convinced my dad to drive back down to Lacy, WA to attend an admissions tour at SMU. I’m really glad that he agreed because I really love the campus, the Benedictine vision and all of the people that I met.

Before we flew back home we took a flight to Spokane to check out Gonzaga and to meet with the coaching staff. My dad and I did an admissions tour. Have you seen the Gonzaga student center? It’s got a Starbucks and an Einstein bagel shop! Seriously awesome. Gonzaga is a great school and it would be awesome to play soccer for them. Coach Anzaldo was a great tour guide of the athletic facilities and support structure for the athletes.

2016 Manchester City FC Americas Cup (Semifinalist)


2016 Manchester City FC Americas Cup

We advanced to the Semis this past weekend in the 2016 Manchester City FC Americas Cup. That was a impressive result since it was the first tournament that our new team played together. Our most noteworthy game was a 1-1 tie against San Diego Surf ECNL Academy 2001. We played excellent as a team and both of our keepers really got a great workout that game. Unfortunately we lost in the Semis 0-1 to LA Galaxy San Diego Elite, who finally end up winning the tournament. Click here for game results.