2016 Attack Summer Classic (Champions)

We won the 2016 Attack Summer Classic this past weekend. We played up in the U17 division and we faced some tough opponents. The Cardiff FC Mustangs proved to be super tough in our final bracket game and our Finals match. Both games resulted in 0-0 after regulation time. It was a real battle because the Mustangs played super strategic by stacking their defense. For the Finals, Coach Jose asked me to choose which half I wanted to split with Kasey Harvey and I said, “I’ll take the second half, just in case we go to PKs”. In the 59th minute it was still 0-0 and we got a corner kick. Almost my whole team was inside the other team’s 18 yard box for the last chance to try to score. Since everyone was so high, I decided to move up between our 18 and the circle in case the other team got a breakaway. Luckily I was ready, the ball got cleared and I had to sprint to make a 50/50 tackle past the half line. It was super exciting right as the final whistle blew. After 60 minutes of regulation time we went straight to PKs (as we thought might happen). Our shooters were ultra accurate and we scored 5 of 5 PKs. After guessing the right side twice I was able to stop the 4th Mustangs’ shot, so they didn’t even get to shoot their last PK. It was fun to win the tournament in PKs.

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