2016 Baron’s Cup Champs

My OLP High School team won the 2016 Baron’s Cup and the accomplishment felt different. It is not like the tournament was especially difficult or we beat tough teams on the way to the Finals. The most rewarding part of winning was the fact that we played our first two games with only 11 players and I had to play entire game on the field for both games. Since we had 3 girls playing in a National League in North Carolina and a handful still playing in the California Regional League (CRL), we only had 11 players going into the tournament. Before the first game my coach asked me if I’d be willing to play on the field and I was ready to do whatever was needed to help our team.

Our girls really pulled together as a team and worked hard to keep possession as much as we could. Out of the 4 goals that we scored in the first two games, I got 2 assists and I helped to draw a foul just outside the 18-yard box which Jenna was able to convert into a beautiful unstoppable goal. I don’t usually get to contribute to the “goals for” statistics, but my team needed me. We gained steam in the tournament as our CRL players returned to the games.

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