Delta Crossfire College Showcase

Our team decided to play in the Delta Crossfire College Showcase in Redmond, Washington, so I took the opportunity to visit some colleges in the area. Before the tournament began, I went to St. Martin’s University to meet Coach Walker. He shared some really great insight about the recruiting process and the Soccer Program goals at SMU. I was lucky enough to watch his ’99 team play in the Crossfire tournament and I loved his coaching style. I especially liked how his keepers played as an extra field player.

When it came time for my team to play, our team had one too many games where we couldn’t buy a goal. I only got 2 goals scored on me, but that wasn’t enough to advance out of bracket play. We could have won all three games, but we just got unlucky. Before we left the Seattle area, I convinced my dad to drive back down to Lacy, WA to attend an admissions tour at SMU. I’m really glad that he agreed because I really love the campus, the Benedictine vision and all of the people that I met.

Before we flew back home we took a flight to Spokane to check out Gonzaga and to meet with the coaching staff. My dad and I did an admissions tour. Have you seen the Gonzaga student center? It’s got a Starbucks and an Einstein bagel shop! Seriously awesome. Gonzaga is a great school and it would be awesome to play soccer for them. Coach Anzaldo was a great tour guide of the athletic facilities and support structure for the athletes.

Grace Kotnik all rights reserved