Here’s a collection of highlights which will illustrate my style of play and commitment to the game. Check back often, I’ll keep adding more soon.

2016 Attack Summer Classic Finals PKs (8/23/2016)

This is a clip of the PKs against Cardiff FC Mustangs for the win in the Finals of the 2016 Attack Summer Classic. We played “up” in the tournament so the competition was certainly bigger and stronger. We all did our jobs in the PKs: our shooters made all 5 goals and I stopped one shot. What a great way to end a tournament.

Delta Crossfire College Showcase (7/14/2016)

Quick clips of the Delta Crossfire College Showcase in Redmond, Washington. These clips were all taken from our last game in the tourney and we were trying to play catch up after the other team scored a quick goal in the first half. That’s why I look rushed. We were in a must-win situation and the clock was running out.

2016 National Cup Round of 16 (5/14/2016)

Here’s some clips of our 2016 National Cup game against CDA Slammers. The game was super tight from whistle to whistle and I got a ton of action. CDA Slammers kept trying to play the ball over our defense to try to create a scoring opportunity. They obviously never saw the way that I like to play as a Sweeper Keeper. Taylor Gomez, from my team, scored about half way through the first half of the game and then we had to hold off the CDA Slammers for the rest of the game. We advanced to the Round of 8 with a 1-0 win. We have a copy of this entire game on file, so if you would like to view a copy, just let me know.

2016 National Cup SemiFinals (5/21/2016)

Here’s some highlights of my SemiFinal match in our 2016 National Cup campaign against Beach FC Academy. In this game I played the second half and we were up 1-0 by half time. My job was to hold the lead and help our team find the right time to counterattack. In the end we won 2-0, but the game could have went either way at any time. Beach FC Academy never quit, but we were prepared to play to the final whistle.

Confidence under pressure

Here’s a sample clip of my confidence under pressure. I’m in the pink jersey on this play showing an alternate approach to a one-on-one at the top of the box. I had to think fast to make a play on this ball outside the 18 because the forward was coming on super fast. I was able to 1> quickly assess the limited open space, 2> take a couple of touches and 3> finally to find feet of our open player down the field. In a matter of a few seconds I was able to turn a dangerous situation into a counter attack. Coach Toumi always encouraged us to take advantage when the other team was disorganized.

Clever corner kick defense

Sometimes when the other team wants to man mark me on a corner kick, I need to get clever with my defense. The same player blocked me on the previous corner kick and she thought that she could do the same thing a second time. Not a chance. This technique doesn’t always work, but it is nice when it does.

Quick decision and fast reaction save

Here’s an example of my reaction time during a futsal game.

Quick catch and game management

Here’s an example of my reaction time during an outdoor game.

There’s nothing like New Cleats

My parents made me post this video of me when I was about 9 1/2 years old. I had just gotten a brand new kit and cleats as a gift from my coach Juan. I couldn’t wait to break in my cleats and I didn’t want to get blisters at the next practice. This is me running around in my backyard in the rain. My dad says that I ran around in circles until I was soaked. Then I came in the house and cleaned the mud and grass off my cleats with paper towels.